Playing Mafia City on PC

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    Many have asked and its simplier then ever to play Android Games on your computer.

    So I will get right to it. Thanks to the people at Bluestacks you can download the BlueStacks app here .

    1. Download the BlueStacks App and Install
    2. Log in with your current google account in order to insure you can load the same account your game is linked to. Even if you logged in with facebook, trust me save yourself some trouble.
    3. Once BlueStacks launches (first time takes a few mins) Go to the Google Play Store , Download Mafia City.
    4. You will have to go through the few mins of toturial on first play.
    5. Click Settings top right and Account.
    Switch Account and log in using your current Mafia City Account or Start a new account farm!.

    Its that easy.


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    Thanks for the update, Don. A couple of months waiting surely wont be any problem for anyone here. Anyone here?Im off to Oz in Feb for a bit so you wont hear from me then.

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